Pouring oil to car engine, close up selective focus

5 Benefits Of Regular Oil Changes

The oil change is the most frequent and (arguably) the most important service of all when it comes to car maintenance. Clean and fresh engine oil provides better lubrication, allowing for seamless movement of engine parts. Besides the apparent purpose of engine oil, what other benefits does engine oil provide:

1. Engine Efficiency

Getting regular oil services keeps your engine clean, but it also enhances its performance. Those who are not replacing the engine oil during the right time might notice a significant drop in their engine performance and output due to the buildup of dirt and other particles left inside. 

2. Better Gas Mileage

A reliable and efficient motor engine will provide you with the best mileage on the road. Oil changes are essential to keeping your engine clean and free of debris, making it work less. Therefore, regular oil changes will yield savings in the long run.

3. Extend Engine Life

Dirty oil increases friction and quickens wear and tear. So if you plan on keeping your vehicle for a long time, please take care of it by getting frequent oil changes.

4. Keeps Engine Cool

Since your engine sits under the hood, it can generate a lot of heat as it works to power your car. Your car needs a constant supply of fresh engine oil to minimize friction and prevent engine overheating.

5. Worry-free Emissions Test

A smooth-running engine that balances engine performance and fuel efficiency will not emit as much pollution. Therefore, you shouldn’t have much to worry about if you have to take an emissions test. 

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