Father and daughter buying a new car at the car showroom.

5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Car Enthusiasts

When Father’s Day comes around every year, spouses and children may struggle to get the fathers in their lives the perfect gift. They may seem like they have everything they need or simply don’t have any items on their wish list. If you’re shopping for a father who has a love for automobiles, below are some great gift ideas for Father’s Day.

Car Brand Merch

While it may seem corny, most dads who obsess over their cars have a favorite vehicle brand. Believe it or not, every automotive manufacturer sells comfortable and stylish clothing. They even have branded accessories, like car mats, mugs, stickers, seat covers, etc., if you’d rather opt for non-clothing items. If you think your father would rock a BMW driving jacket or Ford hat, these will be a great gift.

Vehicle Gadgets & Upgrades

If your dad loves tech-y things, perhaps you can give him a makeover with a new infotainment system or sound system. There are also nifty gadgets like phone mounts, wireless charging ports, and key finders (ex., Tile or Apple Airbags).

LEGO Car Sets

Lego sets aren’t just for kids, you know. There are many LEGO models with race cars, vintage cars, and even famous ones like the Batmobile. It’ll present your dad with a fun activity to do. No doubt, it’ll make your father feel giddy like a little kid again. 

Portable Vacuum

This is a practical gift that anyone would love. If your father likes to keep his car neat and pristine, this would be the perfect item to give. Most of them are wireless and portable so that you can easily access it whenever you need. You can stow it away in your trunk with no problem.

Auto Service

If you want to give a gift that will save your father time and money, consider purchasing a gift certificate for an auto maintenance service or repair service. Whether he needs an oil change or tire rotation, or been putting off a tire replacement, your dad will thank you for the service. 

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