Clean and dirty cabin air filter for car

How Often To Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter is an integral component of your vehicle’s ventilation system. It eliminates harmful air contaminants and pollutants, allowing only clean air into the cabin. Besides providing a clean and cool environment for you and your passengers, a working air filter goes a long way when it comes to reducing your vehicle’s maintenance costs. Dirty and polluted air slows down the free flow of air, forcing the AC to work harder than it should. If neglected, a faulty cabin air filter will ultimately cause motor burnout, breaking down the entire system, translating to costly repairs.

So, When Should You Replace Your Cabin Air Filter?

As a rule of thumb, you should have your cabin replaced every 30,000 miles. All the same, you might want to consult your vehicle’s manual or car manufacturer recommendations to be sure. You can also tell its time to replace your cabin air filter when you notice any of the following signs:

Reduced Airflow from The Vents

This is the most common sign of a failing cabin air filter. When your cabin air filter is failing, it will not clean air as efficiently as it should. This strains the air conditioning system, and as a result, the vents will blow air at a meager force.

Strange Odors Emanating from Your Vehicle’s Fans

Unusual odor emanating from the fans signifies that your cabin air filter is contaminated and needs a replacement. Do not think about increasing your AC airflow as it only intensifies the smell making the drive uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Increased Fan Noises

Every time you turn on your AC system, only a soft, healthy noise should come from the vents. If suddenly the noises become loud and rough, it might be time to replace your cabin air filter.

Nobody would want to be stuck in a hot, smelly car. Therefore, it is vital that you have your vehicle checked as soon as you start to notice these signs. If you need cabin air filter replacement, visit us today for quality and professional services.