cleared the frost on the windshield in the cold, front and rear blurring the background

How To Solve Your Winter Driving Problems

Winter driving can be cumbersome and a headache, especially if you have vehicle problems. From dead car batteries to frozen windshields and doors, it can turn your day upside down. To ensure your driving is smooth and safe this season, we will go over five common winter car problems and how to tackle them.

Dead Battery

One of the most annoying things to deal with this season is a drained car battery. The average lifespan of a vehicle battery is between three to five years. Therefore if you haven’t replaced it in a while, it would be wise to test it. Our technicians can perform a test to determine your condition. Furthermore, it would be best if you physically inspected your battery for signs of corrosion. If you notice green, white, or blue substance around the terminals, it is likely corrosion, and you should have your battery tested.

Iced Over Windshield

You might’ve heard plenty of crazy tricks to quickly defroster your windshield before. Here are some to try this winter:

  • Take a raw onion half and rub across all your windows and windshield the night before. 
  • Cover your windshield using a cover, cardboard, or towel, and cover side mirrors with plastic bags
  • Wiping the windscreen with a homemade solution that may include vinegar or salt and alcohol

Frozen Door Lock

If your door lock is frozen, you can heat a lighter or match and gently press it into the lock to thaw the ice. Or, you can use silicone spray to prevent the lock and windows from freezing.

Low Tire Pressure

In the cold, tires contract and lose pressure. To ensure your tires wear evenly and provide you necessary traction, please regularly check your tire pressure using a gauge. You can adjust the air to match your manufacturer’s recommendations. Please visit our auto repair shop if you need help adding air to your tires.

Thickening Car Fluids

After an extra cold evening, your oil and other essential fluids may thicken up. To keep your engine and its oil warm, you can use a block heater or park in a confined area. Since your fluids are susceptible to thickening this time of year, you may require more frequent fluid changes and flushes. 

If you need help taking care of your car this season, we welcome you to J&S Automotive. Our auto technicians would be glad to check your tires, change your fluids, replace your wipers, test your battery, and more!