Smiling elderly couple driving car.

Safety Driving Advice For Senior Drivers

The older we get, the more challenging it becomes to drive. For seniors, you may have a hard time seeing or a #2lower reaction time. Whether you are a senior or have parents or grandparents, we should all do our part in keeping everyone in our community safe on the road. We’ve compiled a list of safe driving tips for seniors below. Feel free to share with your loved ones!

#1 – Always buckle up. We all know that wearing your seat belt is no longer an option, but it is the law. If you catch someone forgetting to buckle up, please always remind them to do so. If the seat belt is unbearable, you can adjust the shoulder mount. There is also seat belt padding that can make you more comfortable on your drive.

#2 Understand and read your medications. As health is a vital prioritization as you get older, medicines and vitamins become a norm. Some drugs can make you drowsy, less alert and can significantly reduce your response time. Most prescriptions will list on their label whether or not it is safe to drive after consuming. We urge you to read and understand the side effects of your meds before getting behind the wheel.

#3 – Avoid driving at night if possible. More vehicle accidents take place at night than they do during the day. This is because the dark makes it harder to see. People also struggle from the glare from oncoming vehicles offsetting the darkness. If you have any vision impairments, it’s best to stay off the road at night.

#4 – Opt for safer alternative routes. Seniors should minimize their highway driving, especially ones with whirly ramps and crowded lanes. The higher speed limits, merge lanes, and higher volume in traffic can be a lot for seniors. Accidents are also more likely to occur on the highway, and most of the time, they tend to be more severe. 

The final tip to ensure safe driving is to operate a safe, fully functional vehicle. No matter how old you are, your car should be serviced on time and inspected regularly. At J&S Automotive, we have experienced mechanics who always puts your safety first. Please give us a call or visit today if you need any auto services.