Drive Line Service

The driveline is a complex mechanical system that transmits power from the engine to the transmission, and ultimately to the wheels. It consists of a series of components such as shafts, joints, universal couplings, and differential gears which work together in sync to turn the power generated by an engine into usable torque.

Over time, oils degrade and can become contaminated with dust, dirt, and other debris  that can cause severe wear on the gears and eventual lubrication failure. If left untreated, this can potentially cause major repair costs.

J&S Automotive Driveline Service in Springfield, MO

If you notice a loss of power between your engine and your tires, vibrations beneath your vehicle, or difficulty making tight turns, you should have your driveline inspected. Here at J&S Automotive in Springfield, MO, we offer full-service driveline specialty, and we can help with everything related to your vehicle’s driveshaft and drivetrain components.

J&S Automotive specializes in providing comprehensive service and repair solutions for everything from basic maintenance to full rebuilds. From working with common driveline parts to custom fabrications, our team has the resources and knowledge to ensure your vehicle’s driveline needs are taken care of properly.

Benefits of Our Driveline Services

We Optimize Your Driveline Efficiency

We provide a wide range of driveline optimization services that include oil changes, replacing worn out parts, and detailed inspections to ensure efficient operation of your car. 

We Improve Your Seal Performance

From improved acceleration and smoother cornering to leak free seals and better fuel economy, you can count on us to improve your seal performance with our highest quality driveline services available.

We Protect Your Driveline System Against Wear, Pitting, And Corrosion

From inspecting and lubricating universal joints, to ensuring proper alignment of the drive shaft, we strive to make sure that all components of your driveline system are properly maintained to avoid wearing, pitting, and corrosion.

Drive Line Service

Premier Driveline Services Offered in Springfield, MO

Here at J&S Automotive, we strive to provide first-rate services that will help improve the overall performance of your driveline system. We offer a comprehensive range of driveline optimization services which include detailed inspections to ensure your vehicle operates efficiently.

Make an appointment at J&S Automotive in Springfield, MO, today to receive premier driveline services. We look forward to serving you!