Power Steering Service

The power steering system works by utilizing a hydraulic pump and valve. This allows for easier maneuvering and control of the vehicle as it translates light input from the driver’s hands into powerful force. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your power steering system is essential for ensuring smoother performance, reducing wear and tear on the system, and extending its lifetime. 

Here at J&S Automotive in Springfield, MO, we understand the importance of having your power steering system working properly and reliably. That is why our technicians always go the extra mile to ensure that all components in your vehicle’s power steering fluid are thoroughly inspected and tested for any signs of wear and tear. 

Additionally, we only use the latest equipment to diagnose any potential issues before they become bigger problems. Our ASE-certified technicians will thoroughly clean out your power steering system by getting rid of any built-up dirt or any debris. This will help to restore optimal performance and extend the life of your power steering system.

Power Steering System Flush Services in Springfield, MO

The power steering system is an essential component of your vehicle, and proper maintenance is the key to keeping it running smoothly. Here at J&S Automotive in Springfield,MO, we offer a power steering system fluid flush to remove old fluid and any debris that has built up over time, which can help reduce wear and tear on the system’s components.

Our ASE-certified mechanics will remove all the fluid and replace it with a new high temp formula; DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid.

Getting a regular fluid flush at J&S Automotive can also provide better lubrication for the system and improve its overall performance, making it a worthwhile investment that can keep your steering system running safely and efficiently for years to come.

close up hand of a man twisting a fluid cap

Trust The Pros And Schedule An Appointment Today

If your vehicle shows any of the signs indicating a problem with the  power steering system, bring your vehicle to the pros right away.

At J&S Automotive in Springfield, MO, you can be confident that our expert and certified mechanics will flush all of your oil fluid and replace it with the new BG high tech power steering fluid. Waste no time and schedule an appointment today to learn more about our power steering system services. We look forward to serving you!