Transmission Services in Springfield, MO

In order to prevent transmission fluid breakdown, it’s essential to regularly service the automatic transmission system. Routine maintenance includes replacing fluids, filters, and gaskets. Additionally, transmission fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles or as recommended by the manufacturer in order to ensure the proper functioning of your car’s transmission.

At J&S Automotive, we understand the importance of regular transmission servicing. Our team of highly skilled professionals provides comprehensive checks and maintenance services to ensure your vehicle’s transmission is functioning optimally. With these measures in place, you can reduce driving costs while enjoying an improved driving experience with enhanced fuel efficiency and smoother operation of your vehicle.

J&S Automatic and Manual Transmission Services

At J&S Automotive, we offer our customers the convenience of having their vehicles serviced with either manual or automatic transmissions. Our experienced technicians will take the time to assess your vehicle and provide you with reliable advice about which transmission type is best for you depending on your specific needs.

Our transmission services includes but are not limited to:

Transmission Fluid Change

The premium transmission fluid offered by J&S Automotive is specifically designed to reduce wear and extend the life of both the engine and transmission. Additionally, since it contains advanced lubricants, it helps keep your vehicle’s system running smoothly.

Transmission Filter Replacement

J&S Automotive will replace only top-quality transmission filters that will smoothly and efficiently filter out any impurities or particles from the lubrication system, to prevent damaging contaminants from entering and clogging up the system.

Transmission Rebuild

Our Transmission Rebuild services not only repair any existing damage but also help to prevent future problems with the system. Our technicians have decades of experience in providing top-notch transmission rebuilds, and they use only the highest quality components and parts to ensure that your car runs like new for years to come.

Transmission Service

Premiere Transmission Service in Springfield, MO

J&S Automotive is the premiere Transmission Service provider in Springfield, MO. We strive to help prevent expensive repairs or replacements down the road and keep your car running in top condition for many years to come with our Transmission Services.

If you need a simple fluid change or major transmission rebuild, J&S Automotive will handle all your Transmission-related needs. Schedule an appointment today and get a premiere Transmission Service at J&S Automotive in Springfield, MO.