Transmission Repair Services In Springfield, MO

Most transmission failures will give some warning, whether the check engine light is coming on or the car’s inability to move. Transmission problems can be fixed by cleaning the system or repairing individual components, but significant issues may necessitate a new transmission.

J&S Automotive in Springfield, MO, provides top-notch transmission repair services. Our experienced auto technicians provide detailed services with quick turnaround times and competitive rates customized to suit your needs. 

Our team of transmission specialists is dedicated to helping you stay behind the wheel by utilizing advanced diagnostic technologies, state-of-the-art equipment, and a commitment to quality customer service that ensures you get the best possible service for your vehicle. 

Automotive Transmission Repair Springfield MO

At J&S Automotive transmission repair services, we treat each customer like family when fixing their car’s transmission. Since the transmission is so integral to the vehicle, it is essential to have it repaired or rebuilt by experts.

We employ cutting-edge technology with our transmission repair services to rule out more straightforward explanations for your problems before deciding whether or not a labor-intensive transmission repair is necessary. Our priority is to save our customers money by avoiding unnecessary transmission fees.

We strive to provide trustworthy and superior service so that you may put your faith in the advice of our technicians. Because of our precise diagnosis and prompt, quality service, our clients frequently return and spread the word about us.

Mechanics Who Can Fix Your Transmission

The transmission is the part of your car that actively moves the vehicle and shifts gears as necessary. It’s responsible for distributing the power generated by your engine to the wheels. It’s not a simple task. It can automatically control the distribution of both speed and power.

Because of this, you may need to empty and replace the transmission fluid. When you get your fluids changed at J&S Automotive, we also perform checks and tests on the old fluid to ensure there aren’t any underlying problems.

We perform routine maintenance on your transmission fluid to ensure it is clean and debris-free. If it is determined that a system flush is needed, one of our service specialists will see that you obtain one, and a new filter may also be supplied. For this procedure, we will frequently refer to the specifications provided by your manufacturers.

Automatic Transmissions

An automatic transmission will change gears without input from the driver based on factors such as the accelerator pedal position, vehicle speed, engine RPM, and the weight of the vehicle being hauled.

Automatic gearboxes often provide four or five forward gearing in addition to reverse, parking, and neutral. When the transmission is in drive, gear changes happen automatically; the driver doesn’t need to use a clutch pedal or manually change ratios, as is the case with a Manual Transmission.

Since there are so many moving parts in an automatic transmission, a professional technician should check for any problems. If you’re having trouble with your transmission, give the experts at J&S Automotive a call.


Whether your car has an automatic or manual transmission, it has a clutch and several different kinds of clutches. The clutch must be engaged and disengaged at the appropriate times during gear changes to transfer power from the crankshaft to the drivetrain.

Your car’s clutch should make it easier to start the engine and change gears. Your car’s clutch is subjected to a lot of stress and may need to be replaced. You should get in touch with J&S Automotive to get your clutch inspected if it starts slipping unexpectedly or producing suspicious noises.

Four Wheel Transmission

A four-wheel drive vehicle features a transfer case connected to the transmission, differential gears, and front and rear axles. Servicing on a 4-drive car’s transfer case, rear differential, front differential, and gearbox fluids are all necessary. Come to J&S Automotive in Springfield, MO for all your four powertrain repair needs.

Front Wheels Transmission

With FWD, only the front wheels get power from the engine. The transmission sends power to the final drive, which sends half to each front wheel via the axles. Up front is where you’ll find the car’s powertrain and other mechanical components. J&S Automotive in Springfield, MO, shall gladly fix your front-wheel drive transmission car if necessary.

Manual Transmissions

When operating cars with manual transmissions, the driver must use the gear shift and the clutch to change ratios at specific engine speeds. The number of gears in a manual transmission can vary from 2 to 8. There are two significant layouts for drivetrains: front-wheel and rear-wheel drive.

The upkeep for manual transmissions is usually lower than that of automated ones. Our auto technicians at J&S Automotive will inspect your car and advise you on any transmission repairs or maintenance your vehicle may require.


The gearbox of a motor vehicle is the component responsible for transferring rotational energy (speed and torque) from the engine to the drive wheels. Transmissions can be replaced with brand-new or rebuilt, repaired, remanufactured, or previously-owned units. Get in touch with J&S Automotive in Springfield for additional info. The knowledgeable mechanics at our shop can advise you on which option is most significant for your car and budget.

Troubleshooting, Diagnosing, and Fixing

Repairing a transmission is a serious undertaking. Your car’s safety relies on the transmission’s connection to other crucial components. Transmission maintenance includes flushing old fluid and cleaning out clogged filters to protect the transmission from failure.

Problems with shifting, leaking, stalling, slipping, fluid and the illumination of the “service transmission” indicator are all indicators that it may be time to get the transmission fixed. Don’t call J&S Automotive if you’re worried you could need transmission repair.

Instances of Transfer

All-wheel and 4-drive cars use transfer cases as part of their 4-drive systems. The transfer case is connected between the transmission and the axles, allowing the transmission to power all four wheels. This could be accomplished with a gear set, although modern transfer systems are typically chain powered. Driveshafts attach the powertrain to the transfer case to connect to the rear and the front axles. Get your transmission fixed by the professionals at J&S Automotive.

Transmission Repair

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We are the industry leaders in rebuilding transmissions with cutting-edge technology. We repair both domestic and imported autos. Both automatic and standard transmissions are serviced here. Moreover, your transmission is made from just the highest quality components. This is a time-consuming process, so we watch closely to make sure none of our service technicians damages any of the other parts.

While dismantling your system for transmission service repairing, we pay close attention to detail. When J&S Automotive disassembles your transmission, we’ll check every component to ensure it’s in good working order and usable again.

We’ll use technology to check if your manufacturer’s specifications have changed and make the appropriate adjustments while we put the transmission back together. We perform a comprehensive check of all systems after completing a transmission repair.

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