Buick Repair Springfield, MO

We are proud to have a team of experts with an unmatched level of expertise in Buick repair and service. Our certified technicians possess extensive knowledge of Buick cars and can confidently handle any repair or maintenance job you may require. We take the time to understand your vehicle’s individual needs, ensuring that each job is completed correctly the first time— every time! Rest assured that when you choose J&S Automotive, you get the most experienced experts available to work on your car.

Quality Buick Auto Repair

At J&S Automotive, we understand that having dependable and expert assistance for Buick repair is essential. With our trained technicians in Springfield, MO you can rest assured your car will be serviced to the highest standards using state-of-the-art tools and technologies. Whether it’s an engine overhaul or a routine oil change, we cover all of your Buick needs!

Expert Buick Repair Technicians in Springfield, MO

J&S Automotive is the go-to destination for all your Buick repair needs. Our technicians are certified and experienced pros that take pride in their work, never cutting corners when it comes to making sure each vehicle receives quality service tailored to its requirements. With years of expertise and a passion for perfection, you can rest assured our team will keep your car running at peak performance – always!

Springfield Buick Auto Repair We Perform

Our experienced technicians and sophisticated equipment are your ticket to top-notch Buick repairs. Our services cover a wide range of automotive needs, from brake checks to transmission overhauls – all done with unbeatable results. We offer a slew of Buick automotive repairs in Springfield, MO, including:

  •  Factory-recommended scheduled maintenance
  •  Electrical system diagnostics and repairs
  •  Drivetrain and transmission repairs
  •  Charging system repairs
  •  Cooling system repairs
  •  Suspension repairs
  •  Steering repairs
  •  Engine repairs
  •  Brake repairs
  •  AC repairs
  •  and more!


Buick Models We Service

J&S Automotive prides itself in its comprehensive selection of Buick models we service. From the luxurious Enclave SUV to the fast-paced Encore GX, we have all of your Buick needs covered! Whether you’re a fan of sleek sedans or sports cars, J&S Automotive can help get your vehicle back up and running quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Stop by our shop today and see how we can keep your Buick model driving smoothly for years to come!

Buick Scheduled Maintenance and Services

Staying on top of scheduled maintenance for your Buick is vital in ensuring that it continues to run smoothly and efficiently for years to come. Regularly checking up on your vehicle will also save you money by avoiding costly repairs down the road. Learn more about what type of maintenance needs to be done regularly and prevent bigger problems – so you can keep cruising around without any worries!


Basic Services (every 5,000 miles):

  • Change the engine oil and replace the air filter
  • Inspect the brakes, tires, and steering system
  • Check all fluid levels and top off as necessary
  • Lube all door hinges, hood hinges, and trunk lid hinges
  • Vacuum the interior and wash the windows
  • Check under the car for fluid leaks or damage


Intermediate Services (every 15,000 miles):

  • Inspect the condition of the drive axle boots
  • Rotate tires and inspect them for wear and damage.
  • Flush and replace brake fluid
  • Check/adjust tire pressure
  • Lubricate all external moving parts
  • Inspect the air filter element
  • Inspect wiper inserts/blades
  • Check the condition of the engine coolant


Major Services (every 30,000 miles):

  • Air filter replacement
  • Cabin air filter replacement (if applicable)
  • Battery checkup & cleaning: Inspect battery terminals for corrosion build-up, which can lead to electrical problems
Buick Repair

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