GM Repair Springfield MO

General Motors offers a variety of vehicles to meet the needs of every driver, ranging from economical compact cars to luxurious SUVs. With decades worth of experience in the automotive industry, GM has built a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and reliable performance. Furthermore, they offer a wide range of financing options to make buying a car more accessible for all budgets, allowing customers to purchase the vehicle of their dreams without breaking the bank.

General Motors Vehicles are designed with robust components that are built to last for years, however GM vehicles may also require major repairs and regular maintenance. At J&S Automotive, we offer a number of service and repair plans that can help you keep your GM running smoothly. From oil changes to more extensive repairs, having a certified GM repair shop like J&S Automotive to take care of all your maintenance needs will ensure your car is always in top condition. 

Expert GM Repair Services by Springfield GM Specialists

At J&S Automotive, we take pride in our GM service and repair capabilities. Our team of experienced GM specialists are dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality of care and customer satisfaction. 

We make sure that all repairs are carried out according to industry standards and use the latest tools and technologies for optimal results, allowing us to address even the most complex issues without compromising on safety or reliability. This commitment to excellence means that you can rely on us to keep your GM vehicle running smoothly so it’s safe and reliable for years to come.

Why GM Drivers Choose J&S Automotive 

State-of-the-Art and Accessible Auto Repair Facility

J&S Automotive uses only the latest technology combined with our professional expertise to ensure all repairs are done right the first time. Additionally, our knowledgeable staff provides expert advice on a variety of auto repair topics and services, making sure the customer has all the information they need to make informed decisions when it comes to their vehicles. 

Highly Trained GM Repair Mechanics

At J&S Automotive, we perform our repairs and services with precision, care and accuracy. Our highly trained and certified GM mechanics have received the highest of training, certifications and qualifications to ensure that all our repairs are done with the utmost knowledge and skill. 

Genuine GM Parts and Accessories

J&S Automotive is dedicated to ensuring that each GM vehicle is repaired to factory-quality standards. That’s why we only use genuine GM parts and accessories made with the same quality materials and engineering expertise as the original components of your GM vehicle. This guarantees that the parts used in your repair will provide lasting performance and reliability.

GM Auto Repairs We Perform

J&A Automotive offers comprehensive GM services that only GM specialists can perform.

Our GM repair and maintenance services include:

  • ¬†Factory-recommended scheduled maintenance
  • ¬†Electrical system diagnostics and repairs
  • ¬†Drivetrain and transmission repairs
  • ¬†Charging system repairs
  • ¬†Cooling system repairs
  • ¬†Suspension repairs
  • ¬†Steering repairs
  • ¬†Engine repairs
  • ¬†Brake repairs
  • ¬†AC repairs
  • ¬†and more!


Recommended Scheduled Maintenance for GM Vehicles

Here are the recommended Scheduled Maintenance by J&S Automotive for your GM Vehicles:

Basic service (every 5,000 miles)

  • Inspect and top off fluid levels
  • Rotate tires and check condition
  • Set tire pressures to correct PSI
  • Inspect front and rear brake components
  • Check that all exterior light bulbs are functioning

Intermediate service (every 15,000 miles)

  • Inspect air filter
  • Lubricate propeller shaft
  • Inspect wiper inserts/blades
  • Check condition of brake fluid
  • Inspect condition of drive axle boots
  • Complete inspection of steering and suspension components

Major service (every 30,000 miles)

  • Air filter replacement
  • Cabin air filter replacement (if applicable)
  • Complete inspection of ignition wires and distributor cap


GM Cars We Service

J&S Automotive provides top-quality GM services to the following GM Vehicles;

  • ¬†GM Yukon
  • ¬†GM Acadia
  • ¬†GM Terrain
  • ¬†GM Canyon
  • ¬†GM Sierra
  • ¬†GM Savana
  • ¬†GM Yukon
  • ¬†GM Envoy
Cadillac Repair and Service

Dealership-Quality GM Repair & Maintenance in Springfield, MO

At J&S Automotive, we specialize in GM vehicle repairs for all models and provide state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to ensure that all repairs are done correctly and efficiently. We offer competitive prices compared to the dealership without compromising on quality and guarantee customer satisfaction with every service. Our experienced technicians have years of experience working on Geo vehicles, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands when you entrust it to us.

Waste no time and call J&S Automotive today to speak with our staff or stop by at 542 South Cavalier Ave Springfield, MO 65802, so that we can schedule an appointment for your GM vehicle.