Catalytic converter of a modern car bottom view.

What Is A Catalytic Converter?

A modern car has an exhaust system that helps control emissions. The catalytic converter is among the essential parts of this emission system. Car manufacturers install the catalytic converter for the car to comply with state and federal vehicle emission standards. We have compiled everything you must know about a catalytic converter and an auto shop with experienced experts to help you replace a stolen or defective one.

How Does A Catalytic Converter Work?

A catalytic converter’s interior has a honeycomb structure coated with a catalyst that changes harmful gases into less toxic substances. Car emissions contain harmful gases such as hydrocarbons that contribute to global warming.
The catalytic coating includes metals such as platinum with an intrinsic value that makes the catalytic converters the most stolen exhaust system part today. Other common catalysts include valuable platinum and rhodium. These substances break the chemical structure of harmful emissions. A vehicle with a functioning catalytic converter emits water vapor and environment-friendly carbon dioxide. The most common types of catalytic converters include:

  • A two-way catalytic converter- a simple catalytic converter with oxidation catalysts that emits water vapor and environment-friendly carbon dioxide
  • Three-way catalytic converter- uses reduction catalysts with the additional capability to reduce nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide emissions.

How to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

Most people lose their vehicles’ catalytic converters to thieves. Catalytic converter theft remains a problem in many states. Many car manufacturers place the catalytic converter further down the exhaust system toward the exhaust outlet to increase efficiency. However, this strategy locates the catalytic converter at a more accessible location to thieves. Prevent theft by taking the following precautionary steps:

  1. Pack your vehicle in a secure garage. Ensure that the parking area is well-lit or remains close to building entrances.
  2. Ask your mechanic to weld the catalytic converter
  3. Engrave the vehicle identification to the catalytic converter
  4. Use various commercial anti-theft safety devices.

Exhaust System Repairs in Springfield, MO

Although driving a vehicle without a catalytic converter is possible, you do not run into legal problems. An experienced mechanic will help you replace a stolen or damaged catalytic converter. Call us or drive your car to J&S Automotive for exhaust system repairs today!