Grid sensor sets mechanic on auto. Car on stand with sensors wheels for alignment camber check in workshop of Service station

What Is A Wheel Alignment? And Faqs

A wheel alignment is one of the several tire services that are essential for your vehicle’s safety and preserving the longevity of your tires. This service is typically done by a professional technician where they adjust your wheels’ angle to ensure they are parallel to one another. When you bring your car in for an alignment, we will first take measurements to see what adjustments need to be made. 

Below are some FAQs we often get at our auto repair shop regarding alignment:

How Do I Know If I Need One?

When your wheels become misaligned, your car will exemplify the following signs: 

  • Your vehicle pulls to the side when driving straight
  • Your steering wheel is stuck crooked 
  • There is a shaking or vibration in the steering wheel that worsens as you accelerate
  • Your tires are wearing unevenly
  • Your steering feels unstable

What Causes Misalignment?

Misalignment can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Some cars naturally lose their alignment over time. You can also throw your alignment off balance when you hit a pothole, curb, speed bump, or get into any kind of minor or major collision.

Why Should You Fix Your Wheel’s Alignment?

In short, misalignment can wear down tires and break down other car parts. To be specific, bad alignment may result in the following:

  • Uneven and rapid tire wear
  • Lowered fuel efficiency
  • Problems steering
  • Poor tire traction
  • Extra strain on your car’s steering, suspension, and drivetrain parts

If you want to keep your tires, steering, suspension, and drivetrain healthy, please make sure you get a wheel alignment when needed. For quality wheel alignments, we welcome you to J&S Automotive. Our certified mechanics are experienced in wide range of tire services.

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